When daily struggles and depression become too much to bear, Sofia flees to her family summer house. Secluded in the Gothenburg Archipelago and surrounded by the nostalgia of her childhood, Sofia retraces her youth as she confronts her demons. A chance encounter, rituals, and friendship shine a light in the dark.

‘Rituals’ is the second project by CORRE, a creative audio-visual collaboration started by Henry Green & Hattie Ellis. The concept explores themes of mental health, friendship and nostalgia set to the frozen backdrop of Gothenburg’s Archipelago in Sweden. The project brings together a team of British and Swedish artists and creatives to produce a story that spans many forms. As an album, a visual piece, and short film, ‘Rituals’ breaks the norm of a standard music release, captivating audiences with sound, picture and story – a cinematic album.


Annica Liljeblad, Robin Gott, Nora Sjöstrand

Written & Directed by
Josh Aarons – joshaarons.com

Produced by
Henry Green & Hattie Ellis

Director of Photography & Editor
Hattie Ellis

Original Soundtrack
Henry Green

First Camera
Maisie Walker

Second Camera & Stills
Alex Felstead

Sound Design
Nile Haskins

Producer & Stylist
Tilly Thompson

Jadan Reeves-Bassett